Vision, Mission, The ACTS Value


To serve as a central institution for the development and learning of languages and cultures in ASEAN.



  • ‘A central organisation’ refers to an institution which operates according to its missions and in collaboration with networks of institutions, organisations, and communities, for mutual benefits.
  • ‘Learning and development’ refers to the development of innovations for teaching, researching, academic services, and conservation of arts and cultures, based on regular intra- and inter-organisational mutual learning activities.
  • ‘Languages and cultures’ refers to operational emphases on languages, particularly English and Thai, and on cultures, especially those of the indigenous peoples of Northern Thailand.



  1. To produce graduates who are able to integrate their language proficiency with the 21st century learning skills, whilst adhering to moral and ethical principles;
  2. To build bodies of fundamental and applicable knowledge in the fields of language, culture, and the humanities;
  3. To sustainably strengthen the human resources, organisations, communities, and society;
  4. To uphold local arts and cultures and empower them to integrate harmoniously with modern social contexts; and
  5. To integrate the concepts of ‘organisation of happiness’ and ‘good governance’ for organisational administration.


Organisation’s Prominence

Use of English as the medium of instruction



  1. To produce graduates with linguistic prominence, ability to apply and integrate their knowledge to the ever-changing social contexts, and lifelong learning skills;
  2. To produce research works and innovations in the fields of language, culture, and the humanities, as applicable foundations for the furtherance of sustainable human resources development;
  3. To disseminate knowledge for the development of the human resources, communities, and society, in conjunction with various institutions, organisations, and communities;
  4. To promote and encourage creative activities that emphasise artistic and cultural diversity; and
  5. To build a system and mechanism conducive to the management of the School as an organisation of happiness and good governance.


The ACTS Value (Operation for Concrete Outcomes)


Industrious and diligent performance of duties in each individual’s capacity, determined compliance with regulations and standards, and efficient and economical utilisation of resources, in the best interest of the School and the public.


Initiation, proposal, and application of new ideas, combined with adaptation of existing resources, to enhance performance efficiency and effectiveness.


Willingness to cooperate and sacrifice when working together, for ongoing development of the School.


Commitment to making regular and profound efforts for self-development to achieve the goal of academic excellence and to seek new knowledge or create innovations, and constant intra- and inter-organisational exchanges of knowledge.