Important information for new students 2023

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Information for new students 2023


Intensive English For English Major

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1. Are there any scheduled tests between the dates of July 8th and July 9th?

Regarding your IEE course, there will be no pre-test or orientation scheduled for this weekend. The class will officially begin on Monday. As a result, you have the entire weekend free to familiarise yourself with our university and the route to your class. We encourage you to use this time to explore and prepare for a smooth start to your course.


2. Which section should be assigned for studying?

To find the section assigned to your IEE course, please refer to the REG (Registration System). We kindly advise everyone to review their section in REG before the class starts on Monday. It is important to double-check your section by this Sunday as there might be updates. The Registrar's Office is currently modifying the information due to the ongoing registration process. If you are enrolled in Section 8, we strongly encourage you to regularly check REG for any potential updates. The REG may make changes within the next few days, so staying informed is crucial.


3. What is the dress code for attending class?

Unless it is a designated test day, there is no requirement to wear the university uniform. While studying, you are free to dress in formal casual attire, as exemplified below.